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I'm a newbie animator just looking to get started on working on my own 3D and 2D animations.

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Posted by Cyber-Soldier - August 3rd, 2021

I will be on here a little more than usual, yes, the empty void will be filled again but with a sense of renewal!

I will try to get as many things uploaded within my time and I've decided that I will schedule myself on Art Pieces, 3D Sculpts and/or Short Animations as I want to start posting content that you guys really want to see instead of someone who just sits on his ass all day doing absolutely nothing.

Twitter will be my main source of interaction still, but by September, I will be reverting to here and Deviant Art (The ol' stomping grounds of my childhood).

So yeah, hope you guys stay tuned for some future content and I will posting more awesome shit!

Posted by Cyber-Soldier - January 20th, 2021

I've decided to just completely forgo Twitter, it has done nothing for me except bring me pain, depression and hatred.

So I say "Fuck You" to Twitter and I will now be doing daily updates and actually start building up my stuff on here as I feel Newgrounds is the most Agnostic place to be in this day and age thanks the creator who made this site accessable to everyone.

I will miss some of the people I've met on Twitter, but I will not miss the cocksuckers who made that website a living shithole to stay on, don't care if you are a Right Winger or a Left Winger, you're a cunt if you dare cry about my personality and I don't deal with cunts.

Expect more from me in the coming future and I will go forward with making just small animations and doing some really detailed artworks. I've had my art stolen countless times that I lost count and I sadly lost access to one of my accounts mainly because I forgot the email address I used for it, but hopefully I'll be able to get it back one day and just port all my stuff over to this one.

In more news, I will be active if anyone wants to speak with me personally as I will be on the forums a lot more and I'm planning on making a Discord (Groomer FREE) and start posting stuff on there for people.

Will I ever go back to Twitter?

Maybe, but only to upload my full created animations as a Studio, no more than that.

Will I be political on here?

No. I'm Non-Conformist, so I will not say my politics as I refuse to bow down to either side as I believe they're both one in the same and I feel we all need to stop conforming to the actually morons in power no matter what colour they wear.

When can you expect to see some art from me?

Very soon actually, I've been working up to recreating one of my characters and doing some brief sketching as of late so I'll be glad to show you guys the final project.

Overall, I'm going to be active on here for the near future and @tansau was right to leave the site, it was becoming unbearable to be on.

Also, planning on doing Anime Reviews, but you may not expect the Anime I like because it's not the same as other Otaku and Weebs... I have darker tastes

Anyway, I'm glad to be back and I hope you guys will enjoy all future projects and art pieces from me ^^